How It Works

How It Works

• Aloha Barter Group advertises and promotes member companies to other barter group business owners…FREE.

• Businesses belonging to the Aloha Barter Group come to your business because you take barter dollars (credits).

• Barter your empty appoinment slots, empty tables, empty rooms and excess inventory for barter dollars. “A Barter Dollar is Better then NO Dollar.”

• You can spend those barter dollars (credits) with dozens of local businesses and thousands of mainland or international businesses.

Trade/Barter lets you increase your cash flow by allowing you to use barter dollars in lieu of cash in your regular business spending. Cash that you would have spent remains in your bank account and drops right to your bottom line. The trade/barter dollars that you earn by filling your empty rooms, seats, tables or appointment slots with barter members, will bring you new customers while saving your cash.

A trade/barter bank account is your answer to both increasing your cash flow and capturing sales that otherwise might have never happened.
Barter saves cash, increases profits, and decreases the cost of doing business.
• Trade what you have for trade dollars and use trade dollars to get what you need
• Save cash and increase profits
• More sales from new customers
• Loyalty: Club members choose you over non-club members
• Use trade dollars for your vacation and travel fund
• Have fun shopping using barter dollars instead of cash