Maui Stories

Maui Stories

Sunshine Market

Ellen K. Geary

Ellen Geary of Sunshine Market in LahainaEllen K. Geary built Sunshine Market when the island re-opened, post-covid. She got the keys 5/1/21 and opened the store on the first day of summer in June. It was an entirely new venture for her. It was a spontaneous and beautiful experience that she self-funded and built it with her heart. The market had an incredible location next to the Banyan Tree on Front St. (Read More…)

At Witt’s End Gift Shop

Jasmine Witt

Jasmine Witt of At Witt’s End Gift Shop in LahainaI would like to introduce to you an amazing woman that lost her main gift shop in Lahaina, Hawaii (Maui). Please meet Jasmine Witt, a hard-working single mother of two. Born in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii, she was raised on the island of Maui. (Read More…)

Lei’d Back Master Massage & Wellness

Michelle Lelle (Lelle Vie)

Michelle Lelle (Lelle Vie) – Lei’d Back Master Massage & Wellness in LahainaOn August 8th our town was impacted by the fire. My spa in Lahaina is now a closed time capsule until the water is safe again. I have not had income for two months and didn’t qualify for any assistance because my home didn’t burn, and SBA requires proof of income to qualify for a loan. (Read More…)

Noodle Bar Lahaina and Lahaina Nail & Spa

Lily Nguyen

Lily Nguyen – Noodle Bar Lahaina and Lahaina Nail & Spa in LahainaLet me introduce to you the amazing Lily who still smiles, works hard and only wants to serve the people of Lahaina. Lily Nguyen, the owner of the Noodle Bar Lahaina lost her restaurant (, along with her home, 2 cars, her Lahaina Nail & Spa business and all of her possessions. (Read More…)