My Sanctuary of Mana Ke’a Gardens is a 501 (c) 3 State of Hawai’i non-profit organization. We offer Free Community Avocado, Mango & Nut Festivals… As members of Aloha Barter we have received new exhibitor clients for our festivals. We have benefited from this as we have used Barter credits for plumbing, tree trimming, banners and even donations. We highly recommend the services of Toni Ivey and Aloha Barter…. Randyl Rupar

Aloha Barter was first introduced to me by Corrine De Soto. She shared that I could list my spa treatments in exchange for travel and for visits to her office. I couldn’t sign up fast enough! I was able to get Several massage clients that would not normally have come to me otherwise. I was able to use my Aloha Barter dollars for many things including café gift certificates for my son and nanny and gift certificates during the holidays. The most exciting thing was when I recently used Barter dollars to spend one week in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It was literally the best suite at the resort with a private elevator and access to the hot tub and ocean front. This beautiful luxurious resort had enough space for myself and two friends. We booked during the Day of the Dead festival😀 The best part of all, the room was totally paid for using Aloha Barter dollars. I can’t wait for the next trip🌺 Spa Lelle LLC (Maui)

Aloha Barter has been an unbelievable experience for me. Not only has it increased my client base through advertising with barter dollars and getting us some great money jobs, but I’ve been able to spend some of those barter dollars to get various services, like advertising, massages and kitchen supplies, for myself and my staff! Toni is amazing to work with. I would definitely recommend using Aloha Barter, if you are not already doing so!
Ryan Gerrits, Hanai Brothers Plumbing

Thanks to Aloha Barter I got clients for my massage medical therapist services. I have been able to spend those Aloha Barter dollars to get naturopathic doctor visits, website, hosting, printing, graphic design, publicity, concert/event passes, food script and other support of my local business community.” Toni has an added touch of building community and doing promotions and we all need a lot of help with that. John Betlach, Kona Guest House & Health Spa

With Aloha Barter I have been able to get acupuncture, massages, foot detox treatments, naturopathic doctor visits and other services for my family and my business. I like that there are a variety of services and the networking that can happen within Aloha Barter! Sharee Fox, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

I really appreciate being a member of Aloha Barter and wanted to send a quick testimonial. With Aloha Barter I have been able to get plumbing and electrical services, sold a desk and other items, and have received customers for other things that I have offered in the Barter Group. I love Aloha Barter Group! Damion Clark, Airport Transport

I was able to get two visits with a naturopathic doctor and some 15 or so gift cards for local restaurants with Aloha Barter, paid for with barter dollars that I earned working for clients that I met thru Aloha Barter group!
Bill Steffenhagen, The Malihini Handyman